Initiative to Support Female Coaches

Role of girls and women in National Sports day was celebrated on February 6th and this was the 33rd year. This time the theme was called Lead Her Forward which is an urgent call for getting girls to be more active.

In sailing also it is an issue and many organizations are taking initiatives to have more women participating, especially the young generation. Statistics show that only one-third of this gender, in the age group of 6 to 11 years has the right healthy lifestyle and the number steadily declines as they grow older.

Aspen Institute is a non-profit international organization which acts as a think tank for leadership and ideas exchange. It also focuses on serving community development through the sport. The aim is also to help develop healthy communities and children as well as the need to have competition opportunities for a youngster.

Aspen Institute has issued a report on an approach to get girls involved in the sailing sport. Play should be taken more seriously as it is the key for kids to develop the right traits to have a successful and healthy life. Those who move more have more of physical confidence and that gets translated into confident, healthy adults as well. However, as per trends and reports, most kids do not get the right opportunity for physical activities and most of the time girls are sitting by the sidelines. It is imperative that more women coaches act as role models to influence girls and encourage them to play and be physically active.

Towards this objective, She Can Coach is a campaign being taken up by Up2Us Sports which is a campaign to train female coaches and place them in communities that are understaffed. The program would also look onto providing coaching opportunities and support teams and female coaches with career mentoring opportunities and guidance.

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