Model Yacht Skippers Gather For National Regatta Scheduled To Take Place In Madison Township

Reichard Kahle is a five-time national champion on model yacht racing, but he does not boast or offer bold predictions when he arrived on the 26th of September in Madison Township. Here, he will make his final bid for winning a national regatta. Instead, Kahle said he was looking forward to the comradeship with the skiers who have gathered to compete in the 2018 Soling 1 Meter Class National Championship Regatta at Boy Scout Camp…

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GBR1 Team Wins 2018 Blind Match Racing

A team of three blind as well as visually-impaired sailors hailing from the UK have won the 2018 Blind Match Racing World Championship. The Blind Match Racing Worlds (BMRW) is the event that was hosted by the Royal Northern & Clyde Yacht Club for the first time in the UK. And the competition was won by Sharon Grennan, the sailor from Great Britain. She is completely blind sailor, and her crew was also visually-impaired. The…

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