Model Yacht Skippers Gather For National Regatta Scheduled To Take Place In Madison Township

Reichard Kahle is a five-time national champion on model yacht racing, but he does not boast or offer bold predictions when he arrived on the 26th of September in Madison Township. Here, he will make his final bid for winning a national regatta. Instead, Kahle said he was looking forward to the comradeship with the skiers who have gathered to compete in the 2018 Soling 1 Meter Class National Championship Regatta at Boy Scout Camp Stigwandish.

He said “You start relaxing and having fun and when you check it on your list, the rest falls in place”. Kahle lives in Charleston, South Carolina. He will seek his second straight Soling 1 Meter Class national title after winning the 2017 championship in The Villages, Florida.

Kahle is one of almost 50 skippers from states ranging from Texas to Minnesota, which will compete from September 26-29 at the regatta, sanctioned by the American Model Yachting Association. The mood of the Madison Township race pitch on the morning of September 26 was pleasant as many of the skippers are familiar with each other, who belongs to the former national regatta.

Regatta manager Mike Wyatt predicted that the atmosphere will intensify from September 27, with the start of fleet racing that counts against the national championship. Wyatt said, “It is really competitive,”, and noted that at least five of the 46 skippers who were registered on September 26 were strong competitors to win the event.

This regatta will work Soling 1 meter radio-controlled model sailboats approximately, an eighth-scale model of soling – formerly a 27-foot Olympic class sailboat. Models Solings are 1 meter – approx. 40 inches long – weighs 10 pounds and stands approx. 65 inches high from the bottom of the keel to the top of the mast. They are plastic-based and sail through radio control as the skipper adjusts sails and controls his or her craft.

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